Entangled in Corona’s Double Bind and the Ways to End It for the People of Indonesia

Source : https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/03/coronavirus-containment-should-be-indonesias-priority-says-ex-finance-minister.html

We have seen lot of news showing up sporadically in every common Indonesian news media platform regarding PSBB (large-scale social restrictions) relaxation, failure of social distancing, unsettling people who keep wandering around public space to make ends meet, etc. Not only for those who work for the government, yet also for those who work as medical services, doctors, and any other related stuff, angrily react to people who didn’t follow such rules as social distancing practice, going to marketplace without wearing a mask, and storming the opened Mall to buy souvenirs for celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, etc. This is such tragedy afflicting Indonesian government and the people in figuring out solution amid corona virus pandemic.

Carrying out social distancing turns out to be not effective for making people realize how necessary it is to provide a bit more space for those who work as medical service and doctors to take a breather for a few moment while handling positive patients that frequently keep coming everyday. In addition, government also make their effort to enact PSBB (large-scale social restrictions) to have became problematic due to economic and political aspect. So, confusedly they are pulling back PSBB by enacting relaxation of PSBB instead. This policy resulted people would be getting more access to such public spaces as Mall, traditional market, streets, etc. Consequently, the government is considered as providing poor services to people in facing pandemic. We need to get to the bottom of this problem of facing corona pandemic.

There is an idea of double bind had been suggested by Gregory Bateson for analyzing psychological disorder known as schizophrenia, one of the most puzzling mental illness. People who suffer from schizophrenic that everything he do would end up wrongdoing, he would always be on the wrong choice. That’s the reason why common people could be indicated as schizophrenic when they befall into double bind. One of the common rules people are attached to double bind is when they become “victim” in every social structure (it could be nuclear family for instance).

Indonesian government and even the people itself are experiencing this double bind. First, conducting social distancing, PSBB, and any other way of reducing impact of corona virus could degenerate such other aspect as economic espescially. On the other side, if we break out marketplace during pandemic, it may be good for recovering economic aspect shortly for the country, but we may take a serious impact against the population due to herd immunity, and it would make more burden for medical services to look after patients explosion.

Double bind is not something we have to be afraid of. It is not well enough only providing knowledge of pandemic to make awareness for the people. Looking for such economic alternatives as transforming into digital trading during pandemic would make at least an impact for the economic aspect of the country. But, such alternatives are only for those who are usually working online. I believe that there are many opportunities out there for restoring economic aspect espescially for those who are always working on the field like farmers, the extreme poor, and any other related people only to make ends meet. Creating partnership to online grocery store built by Indonesian startup would be perfect opportunity for private sector to intervene and improve their life in the midst of pandemic.



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